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Girl Scout Cookies: Nice Smelling Strain for Aficionados

Girl Scout Cookies or GSC is notorious for its sweet and earthy aroma that promises to give you an unmatched euphoria along with a full body relaxation. The incredible result obtained by the use of this strain has not only made it famous among the marijuana enthusiasts around the world, but the THC heights have also won it several Cannabis Cup awards. Patients who need effective and immediate relief from nausea, loss of appetite and severe pain can turn to GSC for aid.

Look and Smell of GSC

The plump buds of this strain are covered with orange hairs. Its beauty lies in twisting green calyxes that are wrapped in purple leaves. The strain exhibits a distinct and pleasant aroma that is piney, sweet and flowery. Some people say that it smells like candy, while others say that it has a mild sandalwood incense aroma. The name ‘Girl Scout Cookies’ is mainly due to the sweet aroma of the strain.

What’s really special about this strain is that it is an awesome hybrid that smells absolutely great, unlike some strains that are skunky or tacky. The flavor gives your senses an awesome experience, whether you roll it up as a joint or vape it.

GSC Origin

The origin of this strain is as cloudy as the feeling you have after a few hits. The most common and accepted belief is that GSC is a hybrid – a cross between OG Kush and South African Durban Poison hybrid. Although there’s still a little confusion associated with the origin of Girl Scout Cookies, there’s no denying the fact that the strain gives you a cerebral sativa high that will transform you into a philosopher or giggle monster. But, it will certainly not put you to sleep.

THC Percent and Emergence of Phenotypes

Everyone will agree when it comes to the strength of Girl Scout Cookies strain. It contains about 20 percent THC and .5 percent CBD. This is really high for marijuana strains and this is partly the reason that has earned Girl Scout Cookies a notorious reputation.

When you go to a marijuana dispensary to buy Girl Scout Cookies, make sure you carry a prescription with you because the strain is so popular that it has paved the way for many copy cats entering the market. There are numerous fake GSC strains in the market while some are legit phenotypes such as Platinum Cookies and Thin Mint.

Suggestions for Patients and Consumers

The strain is not recommended for beginners, although it can be a good choice for the seasoned aficionados. You should take a little less of GSC because the effects are really stronger than you think. When you try the flowery smoke without going too overboard, it can give you an aesthetic experience like none other. If you want the marijuana effect to taste as well as good really good then you must try out the Girl Scout Cookies. Take the first one or two hits and then let your full body experience the euphoria.

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