Cannabis Dispensary

Points to Consider Before Opening a Cannabis Dispensary

If you are planning to open a cannabis dispensary in your city, then there are a few things that you need to consider, as long as selling and buying marijuana is legal in your state. At your registered dispensary, you will be allowed to sell marijuana products or immature marijuana plants as per the laws laid down by the government. There are some states that offer a medical marijuana program card and these people can purchase marijuana using their issued card.

Before selling the products to a patient or a caregiver, every cannabis dispensary needs to check the photo ID card of each individual and take a note of this. In some states you are required to set up security cameras to capture who is buying what. Furthermore, as this is mostly a cash business, meaning most of the buyers will pay you via cash, it is important that you have armed guards if required to keep the facility safe.

Always ensure that you have the marijuana laws of your state well-stated in bold prints inside the clinic so that those who are buying the products know how much they can take or carry with them. Also, no one is allowed to smoke or ingest marijuana inside the dispensary so make this clear to your buyers.

Location is an important factor when setting up a facility and you can choose strategic locations in the industrial or commercial zones within the city. Some state laws have it set up that a cannabis dispensary could not be situated within a thousand feet of a school or any other registered clinic. You should also check any additional restrictions levied by the local government agencies. The applicants should have a clear communication with the local agencies before locating a facility.

The different types of schools that the clinic should be away from are primary schools, secondary schools, career institutes, technical and business schools and other training institutes. You can use the school locator tool available online to see if your desired location is close to any such school. However, be aware that some schools have hidden locations that are not disclosed in the maps and thus results from this tool cannot be considered as official.

No matter where you are located, there are various online and offline mediums that can help you reach out to potential customers. You can get your clinic listed on the online list of registered dispensaries so that anyone seeking marijuana in that state or city can find your location. If you wish to keep your name confidential then there is the facility to do so.

Most important of all, as a seller it is your prime responsibility to ensure that the marijuana plants or products you sell are well-tested at the labs. The products must be labeled carefully and the box should contain warnings that read, “Keep out of Children’s Reach” printed in bold letters. The batch number and the date when the product was tested should also be clearly mentioned in the product package.

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